About Us

Mark Wilson – Managing Member / Co-Owner:

Mark started working for Fort Myers Forklift Inc in 2004 as the equipment delivery driver. Over the years Mark worked in various positions at the company learning all about the industry from long time owner of Fort Myers Forklift Inc, William (Wally) Bell. From driving, to working as a shop and road technician, to working in the parts and sales departments, Mark learned every aspect of running a company successfully in this industry. In 2015 Mark was promoted to Manager of Fort Myers Forklift Inc and ran the day to day operations of the company under the watchful eye of owner Wally Bell. From 2015 to 2022 Mark successfully made a name for himself in the industry as someone that can run a company with integrity, passion and honesty. In March 2021 Mark was approached by the owner of Fort Myers Forklift Inc, Wally Bell, about purchasing the company. Wally stated he wanted to sell the business to someone who he feels could carry on the business name successfully. Mark felt honored that Wally would select him to be his successor and carry on the business. After almost 1 year of working to secure the finances to purchase the business and work out an arrangement to lease the building long term from Wally Bell, Mark closed on a Business Assets sale on March 10,2022, along with his wife Wanda Wilson, and began operating on March 11th 2022 as Fort Myers Forklift and Equipment LLC dba/ Fort Myers Forklift from the same location where Fort Myers Forklift Inc was located.